Fire damaged house

Is property auction right for me?

If a seller approaches a property auctioneer, and asks “is a property auction right for me?” The answer almost always will be a resounding yes.

The job of a genuine property disposal expert is to help you achieve the best possible outcome uniquely based on your situation. Property auctions can be great.

In some cases, you can be better off selling your property via a Committed Transaction or a Private Treaty. Each situation is unique and requires a disposal strategy to meet your needs.

In our case, Clive can explore all the possibilities of achieving the best price. We were offered £15,000 by an investor before the auction. To be honest, we would have taken it.

Clive said, “take it to the auction” and we are happy that we listened to him.

Clive did not tie us into a long-term contract. In fact, his contract is performance based. Pay him only if he sells your house.

Before we spoke with Clive, we thought we were Homes Under The Hammer experts. We thought we knew it all. But truth be told, we were uncertain about selling our wreck house, how much the fees will be, how the legal pack was to be prepared, and whether our ugly house will actually sell in the auction.

Clive took care of it all. He answered our questions and held our hands until he said “I told you, I will sell your house”.

Whatever you do, do not sign up to an estate agent, a property auctioneer until you have spoken with Clive. We are so glad that we did.